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Embrace the Darkness!

A wonderful bedside clock app that keeps you in the dark—except when you want to know the time. The clock display disappears after an adjustable time interval, letting you (and your iOS device) rest peacefully.

iPhone Disappearing Beside Clock on a night table
  Activate without touching!  

Touch the screen to check the time, which will again disappear after the adjustable interval. On iPhones in portrait orientation, you don't even have to touch the screen to see the time. Simply wave your hand above the screen to activate the phone's proximity detector and the time display! Or on any device, enable adaptive vibration sensing to activate the display with a touch to your nightstand or even a footstep on your floor.

If you have enabled Allow “Hey Siri!” you can activate the Disappearing Bedside Clock time display with your voice. Simply say “Hey Siri! Goodbye.” whenever Disappearing Bedside Clock is running to make the time reappear!

Optional brightness dimming is also provided, which lowers the backlight brightness on LCD screens once the clock has disappeared to produce an even darker display and lower power consumption. (The LCD backlight is dimmed as low as possible automatically, but it is not turned off.) The iPhone X, with its OLED display, does not have a backlight and therefore its screen goes completely dark when the time disappears. For other iPhones, we have provided a long-proximity gesture that turns off the LCD backlight completely until the time is retriggered. iOS currently does not allow the backlight to be turned off programmatically when an app is active. We hope backlight power switching will be supported in future iOS versions, and encourage everyone to request an LCD backlight-switching enhancement to iOS.

Major features

Swipe right or tap to display the time or enable no-touch display triggering: iPad Disappearing Beside Clock on a night table App Store

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Users are saying

“I ditched my clock radio in favor of this app. It's nice to keep the room darker, yet get the time when needed.”

“Your app is one of the most useful ones on my iPhone and one of the apps I use most often.”

“Perfect! I tried other apps but this one does just what I want. Adjustable brightness and EASY to check time all night long.”

“At first, I thought no-touch triggering was a gimmick, and I'd tap the screen to see the time. Then I tried simply tapping my night table. Not such a gimmick after all!”


Watch this brief video:

Here's a longer video demonstrating proximity detection:

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We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions at bedsideclock@mn-oil.com.

You may also want to read through the instructions or look at the list of frequently asked questions about Disappearing Bedside Clock.

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